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I'm a creative in the corporate world who gets excited about learning the rules, then making my own. 

I always thought I was born to do great things and while other people praised my work and accomplishments, I felt like I could do more. I wasn’t a perfect student, but I’m what many would call “the mover and shaker”.

I could always do the work, but sometimes my mind would wander and that’s where I thrived the most. Creativity was my escape, my expression, my safe space, and for many years my only reward for doing well in the classroom and the corporate office.

"I had to zone into my weirdness and use that to balance my appetite for stability and my creative obsessions."

So, how did I land at this precise location in my life?

Super long-story made short, as a black boy from Miami, FL with a non-traditional first name (Billy) who had to figure out the magic to his madness. I had to zone into my weirdness and use that to balance my appetite for stability and my creative obsessions. Now I help others do the same!

remembering that...

"Imagination is more important than knowledge."

Albert Einstein

the consulting

creative 23

Based in Atlanta, Creative23 brings a trained creative, corporate eye and a PR & marketing background to the world of creative directing.

Similar to Professor Xavier on X-men, Creative23 exists to coach - support - educate creatives who consider themselves more than employees, to manage their gifts in creativity. 

We're Authentic, Creative, Intentional and Collaborative and ready to elevate your creative journey, making meaningful strides, and sculpting your success together.



our C23C
Creative Leaders...


Lead Conversations- thought provoking & open minded


Listen to learn, not to respond and Improve their attitudes


Don’t make excuses and create plans to execute


Ask questions to Create lasting change

All about

Curiosity - Discipline - Ambition - Optimism - Compassion


Excuses - Victim Mindset - Bad attitudes - Negativity
Creative Mindset Coaching

At the end of the day, you can’t control the world around you, but you can influence it. You just have to learn when and where to use your magic.

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