creative coaching & project management

for Corporate Creatives

Your hands are hard at work but your strategy, network and streams of income may be limited. Let's work together to pull your hands and your heart together to accomplish the dreams and goals you want for your life and business, now!


Hey, Creative with the 9-5:

Juggling your creative ideas while working full time?

You’re in the right place if you feel like your creativity doesn’t have space to breathe. Maybe you started several projects and never followed through. Maybe you have ideas to do something but don’t know where to start. Self-doubt, shame, feeling inadequate, non-existent team, anxiety with the thought of networking. These are the seasons of creativity we often don’t hear about.

you're in the right place

previously worked with

hey there!

I'm billy,
your new
creative coach


I always thought I was born to do great things and while other people praised my work and accomplishments, I felt like I could do more. I wasn’t a perfect student, but I’m what many would call “the mover and shaker”.

I could always do the work, but sometimes my mind would wander and that’s where I thrived the most. Creativity was my escape, my expression, my safe space, and for many years my only reward for doing well in the classroom and the corporate office.

To live a creative life, we must

lose our fear of being wrong

- joseph chilton pearce

hop in the driver's seat

put your creativity in drive

An opportunity for you to drive forward into your next creative journey with you at the wheel and me coming in loud and clear through the sound system. This road trip is a 6-month minimum investment with execution and strategy to drive your creative vision home.

let's ride

want to take the elevator?

Me & you,
3 day intensive views

You’ll skip straight to the top floor, taking the intensive elevator and spending the days with Billy, your in-house Creative Director, including 3 Zoom sessions. We’ll strategize, work with you in person, and quite literally be with you neck-to-neck to create and finish the project must-have's in a matter of days.

vip day this way

not sure what's for you?

let's talk through it

Book a call to see what offer is the best fit for your creative journey. We're here to walk you through each step so don't hesitate to book and learn how our services can amplify what you already do wonderfully! Let's work through the details together!